Match Report
Mill Hill & Belmont Schools 1st XI vs  Haileybury
On: Saturday, 06 Jan 2024
Venue: Away

Saturday 6th of January 2024
1st XI @ _Haileybury (friendly)_

Won 6-2

Sebastian Tolosa-Sarner ????
Kenna Solarin ??????
Bo Fraiman ??

A number of candidates but Kenna Solarin was selected.

Honourable mentions:
Zak Smith
Thomas Wheaton ??
Sebastian Tolosa-Sarner

1st half we were resolute OOP with superb emergency defending in and around the box, kept compact and prevented shots on goal, any that did get through were well saved by Thomas, who had a really good game. 2nd half we were dominant, kept possession well, created chances and showed a lot of composure. High buy-in from the players, simple messages from staff and this bore fruit as the game progressed. Lots to do, but lots to work with.

1) Pause on the ball- to provoke a press - to find the spare player (by the second half)
2) Emergency defending and compactness
3) Creativity and combinations in final third

1) Positive transitions (first half) - keep “1st 2 passes”
2) Recycling through CB’s and GK
3) individual defensive preparedness - body shape